This is Engineering
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Felicia Williams is an internationally respected technologist, designer, writer and speaker with 15 years of experience working in virtual and augmented reality, fashion, interaction, and visual design. She leads Facebook's Augmented and Virtual Reality design team at their London headquarters.

This film, as the latest installment of the Royal Academy of Engineering's 'This Is Engineering' series, explores what inspired her as a young person to choose her career, what technology means to her now, and how her work in AR and VR can shape the future of our interactions and productivity.


Felicia in the Anime dimension

Canon Ambassador photo-shoot

Felicia loved watching Sailor Moon as a youngster, and the stories left her with a formative desire to push ideas beyond conventional creativity through her natural love of technology. We brought that to life in a faithful remaking of the style, featuring a alternate Felicia who travels through time and space to pair with the present.

Felicia on the Facebook stairs


Agency – Bandstand
Creative Director — Murray Allan
Director – Tubby Brother
Animation – Mike & Payne