you know Engineering?

In collaboration with EngineeringUK and industry partners, we created the #ThisIsEngineering campaign for the Royal Academy of Engineering. Aiming to inspire students, we knew that a high-profile, digitally-led advertising campaign was the way forward.

As part of the fourth season of activity for the Academy, we chose to shift the focus towards the sheer breadth of technology and careers that Engineering covers, and how it can take you into any walk of life – from bath bombs to boxing stat analysis. This enabled us to plunder the fantastic footage captured on shoots with every Engineer that we have met on our journey so far – and to continue to challenge perceptions, this time around people's pre-conceptions of the field itself.

Developing our message

As our campaign has developed, so have our audience. These films responded to direct data surrounding the Gen-Z audience that were coming through, and whose tastes have changed in the short time since the launch of the campaign in 2017. With two extra films that focus on creativity and cause-led benefits in a career in Engineering, we can directly tap into our audience's desires for the future.


Agency – Bandstand
Creative Director — Murray Allan
Creative – Louella Minter
Creative — Will Miles

Production – Giant Owl