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Braun MQ9 System

Braun MQ9 System

Braun MQ9 System

The Braun MultiQuick 9 System is essentially a Swiss Army knife of blenders, juicers, pulpers, blitzers, slicers, whiskers and shredders. It even makes french fries. Because it has also been created by German design powerhouse Braun, it also makes light work of absolutely anything.

I arrived on the job just as the edit was being pieced togerther. At that time though, it was still silent, and we needed to bring this colour festival of kitchen brutality to life with a rhythmical soundtrack derived from familiar noises that anyone could find in the kitchen... and give them a pulverising edge.

30" TVC


To give the feel of being deep inside the food preparation with the system in a busy kitchen, we wanted to create a rhythmic soundscape that showcased the various processing of richly sonorous ingredients and powerful bursts of pulverisation through a variety of hyper-realistic motors, gears and blades.

We created a Soca-style base rhythm for the master edit, allowing us to set a strict tempo up-front (for visuals), and also to provide a framework that we could build a crescendo of elements on, getting more and more complex as our chef uses more and more of the MQ9's system attachments.

To give life to the machinery itself, we drew inspiration from Steven Spielberg, who famously underlaid the sound of roaring lions beneath the engines to drive threat and drama in the famous chase scene in Raiders of the Lost Ark. We underlaid the sound of jet engines, Chinook helicopter blades and the revs of concept cars beneath the usual foley associated with food to create a beat of contrasts, from pops to plops, spins, chops, splats, thwacks, bubbles and gloop.


Agency – Grey London
Creative Director— Matt Spink
Creative Director— Cress Eatson-Lloyd
Creative Director (Audio)— Murray Allan
Producer — Talou Sabbah