The Diver

With this film – ‘The Diver’ – Glenfiddich looked to challenge the aesthetic norm of whisky advertising in emerging whisky markets as well as their dominant themes of successful businessmen and images of wealth. Instead of entering a sea of the same, we created a visually striking piece of communications with genuine stand out and distinctiveness.

The film follows a freediver in his attempt to beat his own world record. He pushes himself further and further, deeper into the unknown, beyond what was thought humanly possible and giving the viewer an insight into the mind of a challenger.

60" TVC

30" TVC

A whisky for challengers only 

When the character has seemingly already reached his limit, he spectacularly swan dives deeper into the deep dark hole to experience an alien underwater world with sharks and magically surreal, beautiful bioluminescent creatures. The voiceover follows the freediver’s internal monologue of his pursuit to be the best, before the heart stopping climax of his rush to the surface.

My own journey into the unknown

This project marked a career first for me, as I wrote the initial script. I've always been involved in script development, but never had a clean crack at it before.

The gorgeous and multi-talented Ethan Kennedy is reponsible for bringing it to life and making it look phenomenal. This project demanded a huge amount of time and care that went far beyond my initial (freelance) input.


Agency – Space
Creative Director — Greg McAlinden
Senior Creative — Ethan Kennedy
Copywriter — Murray Allan