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Canon Skijoring


Following in the footsteps of Jonathan Glazer and Barry Akroyd for their incredible work on Canon Come and See, the immensely talented Marcus Söderlund at Academy Films came onboard to direct this award-winning spot.

By harnessing the brutality of winter, and placing nature's elements front and foremost, we created a 90” spot for cinema and online, with shorter edits airing across Europe in time for Christmas camera wish lists. Starting as an Instagram brief, these films – an informative BTS, two photoshoots and a series of ‘how-to’ films to inspire people with the principles of winter photography – kept the conversation buzzing from November to February.

Helicopter equipped


As we were shooting in such a unique environment – Ushuaia in Patagonia – which the locals describe as the end of the Earth, we took time to focus on how the Pro range of equipment performs in extreme conditions. Our behind the scenes film showcases Marcus and Daniel's techniques to inspire amateurs and existing film-makers alike.

Skijoring in the press


Agency – JWT
Executive Creative Director — Russell Ramsey
Art Director — Murray Allan
Copywriter — Charlie Gee
Director – Marcus Söderlund
Sound – Sam Ashwell @ 750mph
Edit – Thomas Grove Carter @ Trim
Music – Tom Player

Gold – Film craft (Sound Design) Cristal Festival,  December 2016
Silver – International Film Craft (Sound Design) Kinsale Sharks, September 2016
Silver - Film craft (Sound Design) Creative Circle, May 2017
Bronze – Film Craft (Sound Design) CICLOPE Festival, November 2016