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Can't shtop

Can't shtop

Can't shtop Shpocking!

Can't shtop

Shpock gives you the power and freedom to sell and buy any item you like. You can turn your unwanted but desirable items into ready cash, and de-clutter your house, without the charges that most other apps, websites and services add on.

We decided to dramatically truncate the Shpock experience into a single inter-dimensional *zap* that shows how Shpock can help both buyer and seller. Our central character discovers she has this power at her fingertips – and so it becomes moreish. She tidies her room while collecting money for a lovely large purchase. We also see a young buyer upgrade his quiet life with the high-end means to play some vinyl, and a friendly neighbour pick up a shiny car at a bargain price.

30" TVC


The spots added well-needed production values for a UK audience, superseding Shpock's exiting (and ubiquitous) content. The storyline enabled us to introduce a behaviour, splashes of the Shpock green and most importantly a new identifying sound for the action of selling.


20" TVC


As the media spend was high – with placements throughout daytime and nighttime scheduling – we created two further bespoke cut-downs to target the youth and car markets specifically around segmented programming.

10" (Youth shows)

10" (Motor shows)


Agency – Bandstand
Creative Director — Murray Allan
Name of the ad – Al Brown

Director – Alex Boutell
Production – Giant Owl
VFX – Framestore