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Now TV
Party Popper

Now TV Party Popper

Now TV
Party Popper

All the while NOW TV were throwing a colourful party on TV and Radio to celebrate the Combo – we needed an unmissable, fresh and simple way to deliver the Combo message across huge media bookings in press, out of home, digital and social – so we created the NowTV Party Popper.

These adverts needed to be instantly recognisable, explode with the 'no contract message' and unpack what you could benefit from in under three seconds... so we broke it right down to the bare essentials, and soaked each element in the acid-pop palette of NOW TV.



The Combo is made up of three elements, TV, Broadband and Smart Box. Branding agency V3 had already developed flat icons (below) for use globally by NOW TV, so our job was to bring those to life. To do this we wanted to make them feel as though they had a physical weight, and existed in a hyper-real environment.


So we storyboarded our thoughts and approached FX Goby and his team at Nexus Productions, asking them to use their incredible 3D animation nouse to recreate them as beautiful paper-crafted entities with a physical weight that could burst from our branded party popper in a super-stylised macro 3D space.

Popper Storyboard


The formats extended through conventional 6- and 48-sheet placements – which were, of course, extremely hard to miss in the eye-popping orange. Wherever possible, we aimed to make contextually-aware use of the space available.

48 Sheet


We dotted consecutive 6-sheets (above) in threes across the country, and created a series of over twenty static and digital formats (below) for use both inside and outside Waterloo station as part of Waterloo Domination. This activity also extended to free taxi rides in my favourite format of all – the lurid NOW TV Combo Cab.


Our party universe was published in the national press over 6 weeks of heavy rotation.

We created full-page and double-page spreads, three-quarter pages, a variety of half-pages, and even managed to invent our own – the H-format (available on request).



We used range blocks and retargeting on Facebook to ensure that all of our followers were teased, chirpsed and cajoled into joining the party. We also partnered with our sister agencies to create a party moment at every point of contact.

Within the ENGINE group we helped to achieve a social first – a fully panoramic searchable two million megapixel image of New York where lucky finders of the COMBO ticket suite had the chance to win fantastic prizes.

On Instagram we targeted viewers that knew their box-sets so that they could enter tough challenges to win fibre-speed broadband.

Now TV Digital


Agency – WCRS
Executive Creative Director — Ross Neil
Art Director — Murray Allan
Copywriter — Charlie Gee