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Now TV

Now TV

Now TV Jamboree

Now TV

For the first time ever, the NOW TV Combo gives their customers the latest and best Sky and Freeview television, unlimited broadband and a brand new smart box all without a sniff of a contract. So for those with wanderlust, tightened belts, or even just the desire to binge on the best Sky shows and move on to the next provider – all of this means that pay-as-you-go TV and Broadband has arrived.

As the offering is a category first, we decided to help NOW TV set out their new stall by throwing a hyper-colourful Jamboree. A vibrant party extending across every channel in this fully integrated campaign. This is led by the ever-exuberant Vic Reeves, who jubilantly whisks us through the 40” TVC.


Directed by Olly Williams at Another Film Company, and shot over two days at Black Island studios – we built a zingy theatrical set, and brought the celebration to life in a party that sweeps the audience through the whole product offering.å

We cast a wonderful girl band casting real musicians and clad them in ultra-poppy garments of the NOW TV core palette so that we could take the brand for a strut down the catwalk. This 30" wraps it up in an even tighter jam. Take it away Vic...


The campaign rolled out through 2016 and took the brand forward into uncharted territory –breaking from their flat-colour graphic world and entering into live-action technicolour. As new channels and shows are released and made available every month, we also created a bespoke 30" Content Sizzle for them to repurpose throughout the year. In a nutshell, NOW TV can make simple content updates and showcase all of the freshest, jamboree-branded entertainment without having to break the bank.


Agency – WCRS
Executive Creative Director — Ross Neil
Art Director — Murray Allan
Copywriter — Charlie Gee
Director – Ollie Williams
Sound – Angell Sound
Post – Outpost
VO – Vic Reeves