Intu World of Wonder...

Intu World of Wonder...

Intu World of Wonder...

With intu Watford throwing open its doors to a brand new 400,000 sq ft development, they wanted an attention-grabbing direct-mailer campaign to persuade major retailers to move in. Perceptions of Watford had to shift and retailers needed to be educated about the intu difference.

Retailer agents get a lot through their letterboxes. Impressive stats alone aren’t enough. We wanted to create something they couldn’t ignore. So instead of sticking all the information onto a series of fliers, we offered the data in an unexpected format: a record player and three 7" vinyl singles.



Each record detailed a different aspect of intu Watford: Watford the town, intu Watford’s offering and the intu difference. But rather than relaying stats about train journeys and conversion rates in the standard property tone of voice, we wanted something loud, tongue-in-cheek and unmissable.



Enter Brian Blessed. Across the three records, Brian’s iconic booming voice guides listeners through Watford town, delves into intu Watford and soothes with the promise of the intu difference. Nothing says relaxation like Brian Blessed and panpipes.



Agency – Bandstand
Creative Director — Murray Allan
Creative — Will Miles
Design — Ioana Bejanaru