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at No. 4

Housemates at No. 4

at No. 4

PayPal are no longer simply ‘the way to pay for stuff online’. With the steady launch of new services through their app and universal login they are now a financial friend that can help whenever, wherever and however you wish to pay for something. In this case – raising group funds, protecting yourself from duplicitous internet sellers, donating to your favourite causes or simply switching to credit at the point of payment. 

In this series of ads, we showed that the PayPal covers it all, bringing each new feature to life through the actions of three lovely young urbanites. Each spot is tailored to work with specific categories of programming on Channel 4's schedule – such as baking or home improvement, and uses C4's spearhead comedy talent to add an observational narrative.


Channel 4 are the most progressive, inclusive UK broadcaster, by championing equality through race, gender and LGBT representation. PayPal also pride themselves in following Channel 4's values to the letter, so it was paramount to represent societal realism through our housemates.

Working with Channel 4's head of diversity, we held an extensive open casting to find the perfect range of comedic actors to bring a rounded, real-world aspect to our series.


The Channel 4 partnership allows for highly targeted messaging and comprehension while people are already enjoying a similar piece of content. Our cake spot gives us the opportunity to explore all of the baking, Britishness and balls-ups tying us inextricable to Great British Bake-off and its viewers, but is also tonally appropriate alongside any food or home improvement show. Each ad was created with flexibility to be placed around the 2017/18 Channel 4 schedule to optimise presence of mind and deliver our comprehension messaging.


Agency – Bandstand
Creative Director / Art Director — Murray Allan
Copywriter — Will Miles, Murray Allan
Director – Barry Kimber
Sound – Envy
Post – Envy
VO – Alex Brooker & Jamie-Lee O'Donnell