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Haven Power
Switch Once

Haven Power
Switch Once

Haven Power Switch Once

Haven Power
Switch Once

Energy is low down on people’s to-do lists at the best of times. As Haven Power aren’t a widely-known energy company anyway, they faced a double challenge in getting people’s attention. That’s why they asked us to create a fresh and engaging print campaign that would drive businesses to act now and switch to Haven.

The benefits of any future investment can seem far away, especially when you’re dealing with the day-to-day running of a business. In order to persuade companies to invest, we needed to conjure an inspiring vision of their future with a fresh-thinking energy provider.



Supported by our message of “Switch Once, Change Forever”, our campaign showed business owners that one simple step in the right direction could set into motion a chain of events which would benefit both the environment and their bottom lines within a few years.



All three adverts centred around a speculative case study of a business that had switched to Haven in present day and were reaping the benefits in years to come.

Appearing in The Times, The Sunday Times and The Telegraph and across targeted digital banners, the forward-facing visuals, crafted by a matte painter, ensured attention-grabbing ads that leap out.



Agency – Bandstand
Creative Director — Murray Allan
Copywriter – Padraic Walsh
Designer – Jess Njoo