Champions of Breakfast

Wake up and smell the bacon

Champions of Breakfast is a rolling partnership between Nespresso and VICE that takes a look into the routines of different nationalities and their breakfast habits. From what they eat, how they source and prepare the ingredients, to where, when and why they enjoy breakfast at home – and how coffee is an essential part of their ritual.

The people we meet are young and influential in their fields – characters that offer a different cultural flavour to their surroundings. Our story begins with model-of-the-moment Neelam Gill, and with each episode we find news ways our diverse characters are champions of their own breakfast.


The campaign showcases the different day-to-days, the sourcing, companionship and extraordinary habits, or the interesting substitutions and evolutions of cuisines and routines that they’ve had to adapt with to keep their breakfast at home. Of course, no matter what their breakfast, each morning they pair it with one of the 23 Nespresso grand cru variants. It's a foodie coffee-loving paradise.

To see each of the serialised video pieces, visit Champions of Breakfast.