Johnnie Walker Discovery

Johnnie Walker had been spending some time in the social doldrums, with posts that celebrated 'guys in their late fifties chinking scotch glasses while they shared business anecdotes'. No surprises that it didn't resonate with the audience.

In the one day we had on this brief, we decided to explore the brand premise of 'Keep Walking' and mix it with a different kind of heritage. We focused on Britain as a crucible of invention – to celebrate the world as a progressive place and to break free of those cheesey old salt'n'pepper Clooneys. As there are no shortage of fantastic scientific and geographical achievements that the Brits have been behind over the last 300 years, it teed up myriad opportunities to play with exploration as a whole, and how these events are simple stepping stones to what comes next... #keepwalking

Since life began on Earth, every evolutionary step has taken us forward to a new challenge. Here's to birthday boy Charles Darwin. #keepwalking

Scottish inventor David Brewster created some of the world’s most important developments in light. Here we celebrate his first discovery – the kaleidoscope – with a glass of Johnnie Walker. #keepwalking

The set of eighteen was whittled down to twelve messages that rolled out over a three month period, mixed in with their 'perfect serve' and regular product launch posts. It marked a timely and audience-appropriate change in direction both internally and externally that exists to date.