In the summer of 2012, AnalogFolk pitched for and won the Akzo Nobel digital account – and I set the creative direction and led development of all of Akzo Nobel's digital properties.

Dulux proved to be an exciting proposition, as their brand line 'Let’s Colour’ lends itself so well to an engaging, playful digital expression.

By threading design inspiration much deeper through the site at every level, we could introduce the idea that Dulux could be seen as a viable decorating partner – as opposed to the common perception of being a brand who simply sold paint to the masses. This changed their general tone of voice from that of supplier to co-pilot, helping anyone who wanted to decorate make those first simple, but crucial, steps.

From there, it was easy to dial specific elements up or down where necessary in order to encourage the audience to make a few more bold choices through colour in their decorating journey, thereby placing Dulux themselves as an altogether more exciting brand.

This activity covered the Dulux.co.uk site, social channels, a hub site to highlight their CSR activity (the Let’s Colour Awards), and the design language has now fed directly into global activity and through the line advertising.