Vodafone True Connections

Glenfiddich The Diver

The Diver

I was very fortunate to join the killer creative duo Bob & Pedro at Grey in Spring 2022 to help them with this instalment of their journey with Vodafone Ireland to bring truthful stories about human connections to life. This time showcasing the new Secure Net.

Toshow how Secure Net's parental controls work, we told a beautiful thoughtful story of  Vodafone not only protecting a school boy from digital malware, but also doing the responsible thing by getting out of the way so the young man can make a true connection in real life.

Thanks to the brilliant James Rouse @ Biscuit Filmworks for bringing so much to the story.



Agency — Grey London
Creative Director— Roberto Kilciauskas
Creative Director— Pedro Rosa
Creative Director— Murray Allan
Creative — Flora German
Creative — Shivani Patel
Director — James Rouse