Sebastian are P&G's leading premium fashion hair styling brand that have had a volatile personality over the last 30 years. Their range of products have at some times been the go-to choice of high-end professionals, and at others the bargain-basement pile of stock that no-one can get rid of.

Now they have a great range of salon-only products. We took advantage of it being the 25th anniversary of their two most iconic products (Shaper and Potion 9) and put them into the hands of America's best salon stylists, to provide tips to their acolytes – the fashion-forward audience at home.

Getting our hands on the product

Shaper and Potion 9 are part of any discerning stylist's 'toolkit', so we saw the opportunity to showcase Mixology, the art of combining the two core products with others in the Sebastian line to create great and wild effects. We surfaced the amazing work that their design team was doing at the time, hi-jacking the photo-shoot for the Spring/Summer campaign. This gave us the opportunity to create compelling behind the scenes stories, using loose scripted interviews and dialling up the off-camera reaction.

With a robust social distribution calendar in place, we could deliver huge number of static posts, styling tips, bespoke product combos, short video stings and two minute video shorts all of our regions.

The Sebastian Design Team responded perfectly – bringing heart-felt endorsement of the products as well as invaluable knowledge and tips to share with and inspire a new generation of stylists – both in salons and at home.


Agency – Critical Mass
Creative Director — JP Thurlow
Art Director / Copywriter — Murray Allan