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22nd June 2017 - No Comments!

New balls

The heatwave has well and truly arrived, so I'm going to crack out the strawberries and fizz as my Wimbledon Test Card poster has been unveiled as the Official Poster for the Championships 2017.

The All England Tennis Club are celebrating three landmark broadcast anniversaries with the BBC this year – so it seemed obvious to fuse both of their histories in colourful graphic ball with echoes of court markings, timelines and television milestones.

Wimbledon Poster 2017

I've never liked tennis.

13th June 2017 - No Comments!

Commercial Breaks and Beats

It's quite hard nowadays to imagine how small the internet was at one point, both in pixels and in scope.

Inspired by my friend Jim Boulton and his project, I am slowly unarchiving the first popular website I made, fifteen years ago – Commercial Breaks and Beats. It's taking a while, as the HTML doesn't quite work any more, and the database was made in MicroSoft Access 3. It goes without saying that I haven't used a computer that can run MicroSoft Access 3 since... fifteen years ago.

For Jim (and a couple of others of you out there) I'm dedicated to resurrecting this daft site from the digital elephant's graveyard. I won my first award for this – a Yahoo! award for digital excellence.

Commercial Breaks and Beats