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30th March 2017 - No Comments!

64 Bits

My friend Jim Boulton is hosting a great exhibition – 64 Bits – right now at Here East in the Olympic Park. It documents the early history of the internet using obscure archival finds.

Building on the foundations of his Digital Archaeology project he's managed to recreate some of the iconic sites from the early days of pioneering web design, and they are 'live' on some of the fantastic machines of the time, which in themselves are museum pieces. It's an amazing experience for both those who grew up through it and those who grew up later.

It also made me acutely aware that I have about 15 years worth of digital work that has been uploaded to the great dustbin in the sky. I'm actually inspired to resurrect one particular one, if I can find the source files.

In the interim you can see a load of my previous work here.

7th March 2017 - No Comments!

The Orbit Showtime Network

Well here's a thing. A TV broadcaster that I oversaw the re-branding of towards the end of 2016 is beginning to roll out the new work across 17 Middle-Eastern territories. Of the many stipulations, the two priorities were that it had to be very red and very white, so I've definitely ticked those boxes.


The only thing I've found so far is the website, but the re-brand covered everything through press, OOH and of course digital with various TVC scripts thrown in for good measure. Once i've collated a decent array of examples I'll make a project page, as it was good fun to limbo through varying degrees of state censorship with Deadpool, the all-female Ghostbusters and the almost perma-nude cast of Westworld.